Our Purpose and Values

Core Purpose

Never Stop Improving

Core Values

Our Core Values are the enduring tenets that define who we are and what we believe. Everything we do at Discover Strength is guided by these Core Values. In the words of one of our favorite authors, Patrick Lencioni, “Core Values are not a matter of convenience. They cannot be extracted from an organization any more than a human being’s conscience can be extracted from his or her person.” This is what we believe.

Purpose and Values
    We are passionate students. We know that your training experience and the progress of our entire organization is embedded in our commitment to improving ourselves and our knowledge base. We are passionate about university education, peer-reviewed journal articles, books, conferences, and visits to colleagues around the country. A desire to learn is in our DNA.
    We see ourselves first and foremost as servants to customers and team members. Our first desire and our first instinct is to serve.
    Our greatest power is the freedom to choose; we decide what we do, what we think, and where we go. No one can take this power away from us; it is ours alone. We can do what we want to do; we can be who we want to be. Our choices determine our growth and happiness.
    We value the scientific process and apply it to all of our programming. Breakthroughs are not fad driven or market driven; they are the result of a disciplined commitment to the scientific process. It is a commitment to this process that leads to unparalleled fitness results. We are not married to an exercise “philosophy.” Instead, we are committed to utilizing whatever the preponderance of research points to as the most effective approach.