Fit Tips

High Intensity, Low Volume Cardio

Authors of a research study conducted in Norway with collaboration from scientists in Canada and the US provide evidence to the effectiveness of shorter but more intense cardio-respiratory exercise.  Researchers had men ages 35-45 perform 3 workouts per week.  After … Continued

Research on Exercise and Pregnancy

Authors of a study that was published in 2012 in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise examined the effects of a comprehensive exercise program on previously inactive pregnant woman.  Compared with women who remained sedentary, women engaged in the … Continued

The Fear Around Leg Extensions

Of all the exercises we employ with our clients, the one exercise that is most often met with skepticism or resistance (no pun intended) is the Leg Extension.  “My physical therapist (insert chiropractor, MD, or church pastor) says I can’t … Continued